Timber of different essences (oak, beech, spruce) of the quality and dimensioned requested.


We offer for sale, in pallets, firewood of beech. The dimension of the pallet is of 1m x 1m x 1.8m length and the wood splinter of 30 cm x 6-10cm at a humidity of 12-20%.


We manufacture on demand panels of lamellar spruce and oak, made of continuous strips with joinery on width or panels type parquet with joinery on length and width as well, of A or B quality, 20-22mm or 40 mm thick.


We execute and restore wooden houses.


We execute traditional fences of cane and sculpted gates typical for Maramures region.

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On demand, we execute garden furniture.

We pay ATTENTION to the products quality, but also to the adequate environmental protection and management.

Main values of our company are reliability and high principles.

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